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Cannabis Industry Opportunities State by State

The United States cannabis industry is rapidly expanding at a exponential rate. As such we are partnered with Green Rush Consulting to bring you cannabis industry knowledge. Allowing you to make informed and decisive decisions on state level markets and future federal level markets. According to Fortune Business Insights the Global cannabis market in 2028 will exceed $197.7 Billion.

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Green Rush Consulting is our sister company that focuses on building successful businesses across the U.S. through license application development, business planning and financial modeling, and connecting you with limitless opportunities that suit your needs. Please visit Green Rush Consulting to learn more about their services and products that can help you succeed. 

GRC services are subscription based packages where you pay as you go, giving you an affordable budget as you develop your cannabis business or state license application development. Each category is specifically designed for each stage of a cannabis entrepreneur's development.


Whether you are brand new to the cannabis industry, a seasoned entrepreneur, or an investor, we offer a suite of solutions and professional industry services that are powerful yet affordable. All Subscription Packages are month to month and you can cancel at any time. Please check back regularly as we will be offering more services, document templates, business opportunities, and much more over 2022


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