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Green Rush Revolution is a cannabis-focused educational platform that brings together groups of
experts to explore and validate today's best practices from world class operators and brands. Our
company is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who take a deep interest to discover
the newest opportunities, strategies, and education in the cannabis industry. Whether you are an
existing cannabis business, subject matter expert, or an aspiring entrepreneur, we are your number
#1 source for industry insight and innovation. 


Business Owners

Are you a cannabis business owner/operator that is interested in reaching a broader audience? Green Rush Revolution has a full production team ready to create unique digital content for your marketing campaigns and social media channels.


Subject Matter Experts


Are you a cannabis subject matter expert that understands how to start a cannabis business and maintain it successfully? We want to hear from you to help grow your business and contribute to the braintrust of cannabis industry knowledge and resources. 



Are you a cannabis entrepreneur interested in joining the cannabis revolution and starting a business? We can connect you with experts and provide the knowledge, tools, and insights on how to successfully begin and maintain any cannabis business. 

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